A city tour in a whole new city where you have not visited before is going to be an incredibly exciting thing! In order to make sure you go through this experience the best way possible and have a lot of fun while doing it, you can think about booking certain city tours that you can easily take on bikes. If you are in need of an own bike that can also be done, otherwise you will be given a guide as well in case you are in need of one. Along with the adrenaline pump you get while riding on a fast bike down a small city, it is also going to be a good way to go to places as fast as possible. Here are the best city tours that can be experienced on bikes!

Australia – Australia offers a wide array of motorbike tours for visitors who are interested in doing so. In places like Tasmania and a lot of other places as well. You can either take tours in the coastal area near the lovely Australian beaches or even the mountainous areas as per you wish and preference. Most hotels would offer such incredible tours along with good accommodations that will make sure you get a good stay in the country. If you are in need of a guide to help you around, your request could always be granted.

New York – New York offers a wide option of biking material that you easily choose from. From BMW motorbike tour to normal simple bikes of your choice, you can easily book one, get on and jet off in to the lovely city. You can bike up to around 60 miles or even more according to your liking, as there are plenty of sights to see if you ever visit New York. As the main city is a bit of a busy place, you can direct your course on to the less busy side so you have the chance of actually riding on without any hassle.

Spain – The streets of Spain are among the perfect spots for a perfect bike tour for anyone who is up for the challenge! You can travel around 60 miles or more here as well, and the well-built city lanes and the mountain sides with plenty of flora and fauna to watch is going to make the tour an amazing experience. Prices are pretty affordable when it comes to bike tours so there will be no heavy money problem either, you can easily kick back and enjoy your stay.