Time and money are two important factors for you to do something. There were moments in life where you didn’t have money but you had time to do it and then vice versa. Life after retirement is something where both these things come together but people do not know what to do. This is why a bucket list should be made so that you can do everything. When you write things down you tend to actually do it because you keep reading it always. Here some things to add to your bucket list for your after retirement plan.

If I were you my first thing on the bucket list would be to go on a long vacation. Book a nice spot with accommodation and a place for Murray River fishing and refresh your mind out of the working life and into the retirement life. You can go with your loved ones and spend quality time with them. Talk about all the memories you guys made during your life and trust this feeling is very unreal that you will not even understand time passing by. Just last week I went swimming with a couple of my old friends from school. Once we came out of the swimming club we stood out the carpark sat in a corner and just talked about life how was back then and now. You will not believe me but we left the place after 4 hours of talking. We didn’t realize how time flew.

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Learn a new hobby in that interests you. You don’t need to necessarily learn a hobby but maybe take the time to explore certain interests. For example if you are interested in the game of rugby doesn’t mean that you have to go and play for a club after you retire but maybe learn more of the game and follow the local tournament. If it is music and you love the piano. Explore the various styles and artists in the piano musical industry. Learning is a bonus but exploring is a choice.

Nothing is better than giving back to society. Volunteer for an organization. I have heard people saying that they love to volunteer and people out but they just don’t have the time but now since you have time you will regret it. You can visit an orphanage and talk to some of the orphans and maybe teach them a lesson or two about life in the world. Trust me in both make them and you happy. Ask yourself what you want to do with your life. What did you want to do when you were working but couldn’t? The answer to that question will fill your bucket list in no time.