Traditionally, people who have to keep traveling for work usually put up in hotels. However, with several accommodation options available these days, one does not need to put up at an expensive and boring hotel every time. The option of serviced apartments is becoming more and more common in many cities. The cost of staying in such apartments proves less costly as well as provides one with more space, more freedom and flexibility than a boring hotel room with limited space and standard amenities.

How serviced living spaces are defined?The name or terminology of serviced apartment might differ from one country to another or in different communities. Again, many other kinds of living accommodations are similar but named differently. However, there are certain features that are common to this category of living accommodation. Usually these are usually studio spaces that can include a living area and sleeping area, joined or separate. There is a separate bathroom as well as a kitchenette space. The urban locations, usually offer more choices in this type of accommodation.

Basic facilitiesIf you opt for a serviced condo in Sydney which is like a studio, you will probably be getting a living and sleeping area that is common along with a kitchenette fitted against one wall and a separate bathroom. For larger serviced apartments, there is a living room space that is separate from the bedroom which comes with an ensuite bathroom. These are furnished with amenities which differ as per the range of costs involved. Some are fitted with luxury amenities and are priced accordingly while others come with standard furnishings. However, all serviced apartments come with basic furnishing and amenities so that one does not need to add on anything besides getting their own clothes and food.

Facilities offeredWith a serviced apartment you will find certain amenities like television for entertainment, laundry service, working desk and chair as well as internet access. Usually laundry and internet access as well as cable connection might be priced separately. These are facilities similar to hotels.

Where the difference lies?The difference in serviced apartments lies in the way they are priced. With a hotel accommodation you would be expected to pay hotel rates, which are daily prices. While package deals might exist, most hotel rooms usually do not include kitchenette due to which you need to go elsewhere for food. On the other hand, serviced apartments are priced on weekly or monthly basis. One can cook the food they want to eat or get food from outside, as they want. The serviced apartments are akin to apartments and hence, one will have more space to move around or entertain others as well during their period of stay.