Flats, also known as apartments, are quite common in every city. They provide a great way to have a secured home with luxuries like a swimming pool and a gym without going through the trouble of building it from scrap. A block of flats also saves land by housing many residents that would have otherwise occupied land that keeps getting harder and harder to acquire. As the global population of humans keeps getting bigger and bigger, Building more apartments is the logical step to provide housing for people. Although apartments have being around for a long time, when asked most people have no idea when apartments were first build it or who built it. It surely has to be within these past two centuries right?

Who built the first bocks of flats?

One of the very first self – contained apartments were built by the Romans, despite popular belief.

The Romans named these blocks of self-contained apartments ‘insulae’, with the lower to middle class members of the Roman society residing on the upper level apartments while the lower level apartments were occupied either by well to do families or by shops. Some of these apartment blocks have being built up to even more than ten stories high. These buildings were built somewhere in the early second century AD. Apartment blocks have been found standing in Egypt as well during the mediaeval times of the Arabic–Islamic period of Egypt.

These buildings were found in old Cairo, with each building capable of housing hundreds of people. The apartment blocks even rose to up to fourteen stories in height with a garden on the roof irritated by water pumped from an Ox powered water wheel. The southern Chinese built apartment buildings as well, though their main objective of using those buildings was because it was easily defendable and so the building was heavily fortified and had the capacity of housing eight families and was on average four to five stories tall. The Brits finally caught on to the concept of “flats” as they call it, in the 19th to 20th century. This inevitability sparked the evolution of the large group accommodation http://tropicalgardenscairns.com.au/group-accommodation/ and the insulae into the apartment buildings we know today

Disadvantages presented by high-rise buildings

Apartment buildings tend to be less energy, although buildings such as the ones in Paris that do not use an elevator are more energy efficient. The high rise apartment buildings also cast a shadow big enough to block direct exposure to sunlight on solar panels and also can cast a shadow over a public park or other recreational space, taking away the warmth and total ambience of the property. Due to precautions to withstand earthquakes, the third and the fourth levels of the building are built with wood and offers minimum barring of sound, so you can hear exactly what your neighbour is doing very clearly.

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