It is no simple task to be involved with the planning and organizing of a party or event. While the planning comes with an immense amount of responsibilities, when it is an office event, the pressure on yourself to perform and the responsibilities you have to shoulder increases tenfold. While you might have expertise in the field, each new event or party brings with it another round of headaches and hurdles that require you to think outside the box for new solutions. If you had to choose the ideal plot, you would probably wish for an inexhaustible budget, an extensive amount of time and plenty of staff members to help you accomplish the task in hand, but in reality, you would be hard pressed on all three fronts. Of course this situation is an excellent way to prove your leadership skills and other management qualities to your superiors.

First and foremost decide on a location you want to host the party or event at. Your priority should be to choose a space that is not too far away from the office, unless it is a picnic or something similar in which case you will need to find a suitable country venue. If the event is to be within the city, ensure it is close by to your work place to allow easy access for everyone and also check if the area is populated with taxi services even during late night hours so the invitees do not have any issues regarding transportation on their way back after the party. Make haste when booking the location as good locations get booked fast and you do not want to end up hosting the party in a space that does not reflect what you wanted. Pay great attention to the menu and the food you decide to serve at the event. This is a key aspect of the event that can make or break the whole event.

Communicate clearly with the catering service about your requirements and the arrangement. Go for the food sampling sessions and take along a colleague or someone who has knowledge in food to gain a second advice and a better insight.

If possible invite a guest speaker to speak a few words and keep the crowd enthralled for some time. Take efforts to organize some fun events with winning prizes to increase the competitiveness among everyone present to ensure a more fun filled time. Ask your superior if there are any alcohol restrictions and plan the alcohol accordingly and if it is not allowed make sure the message is clearly passed along to everyone.

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