Australia is a beautiful country and has one of the best scenic views in the world. Melbourne is a city full of life and has a great combination of land and water area. This duo of glam city, high rise building, fine-looking malls, and lavish hotels with the blend of breath- taking views of islands and resorts. This prime location along with the great services makes it a great resource of tourist attraction which generates a hefty amount of money every year. The government tries to maintain some portion of the landscape to improve tourism opportunities so the economy can flourish and the image can be enhanced in the minds of people.

Melbourne offers beautiful and exotic islands which are a perfect treat of vacation to spend and do justice to your money, time and effort. Philip Island is one of the famous Phillip Island tour from Melbourne. It is located just 90 minutes away from Melbourne city. It has attractive resorts in the surrounding that offer a great deal of relaxation and joy to your vacation. Watch sunrise at the Philip island beach along with pigeons making their morning sound, spend the day time at the beach for a good sunbath that refurbishes your strength, go for a relaxing massage at the resort where you can select from a wide range of massage by highly professional staff, there you can restore all your energy. 

The amazing things you can do at Yarra Valley wine tasting tours ranges from gazing the beautiful animal nature to exciting water sports. You can go for parasailing, paragliding, cliff diving, boating, jet skiing to tube boating. You can also get photography service along with these water sports that can you store for a lifetime as memory. Apart from enjoying and relaxing at the beach you can take your kids to the chocolate factory where you can choose from almost 200 different types of chocolates, it is both an adventure and a treat at the same time. There is also a huge statue made of tones of chocolate which is a remarkable piece of art. There is also a waterfall of chocolate near to the chocolate factory: anyone who wishes to have an immense of chocolate will be satisfied for life. Children would love to visit this place

Cruising is the best part of Philip Island. Select from a day or night tour cruising. Day time cruise offers you to see the exotic landscape with wildlife and the during the night cruise you can enjoy the sparkling water, the glowing lights along with music in the background. Night cruise usually have a party with the visitors and tourists. It is surely a once in a lifetime experience. See the views, relax out yourself and have quality time with your friends or family or travel mates. Try the delicious and mouth-watering sea cuisine at the cruise.

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