Alcohol is a popular drink in parties that seem to always appear on the party list. The alcohol has qualities that are responsible for making sure the mood of the party is livened and the people can relax and have fun while sipping away. In the old days they would refer to all alcohol drinks as wine, probably due to the processes that were used to ferment the alcohol drinks. For those that have consumed each of the two drinks will be able to distinctively identify the varying difference between the two. Some may argue that they are one and the same but you may have a non-alcoholic wine and an alcoholic wine.


The process of making wine in wineries in Albany which distinguishes it from the alcohol is involved in grape juice; the juice is extracted from the grapes through a process known as the pressing method. From there yeast is added and it reacts with sugars from the grape juices which help in production of alcohol. One of the distinguishing factors in the wine production is the natural fermentation that occurs in wine unlike in most alcoholic drinks.

The term alcohol is the representation of any drink that contains alcohol in it and especially the hydrocarbon ethanol. The alcoholic drinks are categorized into three main forms; beers, wine and spirits. However, due to the lifestyle diseases that have become more prevalent such celiac disease there is production of gluten free beer. There is a lot of chemistry involved in the production of alcohol since it is a hydrocarbon, but the most common used alcohol is ethanol. It has been present since the beginning of initial alcohol and wine fermentation that was there during the ancient times.

When looking into the differences between high quality wines and alcohol, you will note that, wine can be defined in alcoholic terms but alcohol may not be defined as a wine. However, there all non-alcoholic beers that contain the same ingredients as the alcoholic beers but lack in the intoxicating factor in most beers produced. In general wine has a lower content in alcohol levels compared to other alcoholic drinks since most of the other drinks go through distillation whereby more alcohol is added to the drinks. 

On the other hand wine requires longer periods to produce the right alcohol content of an average level of 9%. They say that wines get better with age and they are right about it; wine tends to become more refined and appealing as it becomes old in age. Grapes are the most popular fruits used in making wine even though other fruits are used in making wine. The natural sugars in the wine fermentation and aging makes the process feasible as the sugars help in the fermentation process together with the yeast. 

Most doctors’ advice the controlled consumptions of Rochester drinks which includes alcoholic drinks and wine, they argue that they have health benefits accrued to consuming them. Wine is associated with providing protection for the heart i.e. the drink is responsible for reducing the risk of many heart diseases including stroke.